Alilelly-Baby Beans Bags are suitable for children from birth up to approximately 10 years of age.

The combination of the beans and the ultra-soft exterior means that it will mould to fit every little person once they’ve found their favourite position.
It includes two upper layers that can be detached and interchanged so that the bean bag will grow with your child. Once you have finished using the harness simply remove it and replace it with the plain layer to continue using the seat as a bean bag seat.

Base – 65cm * 55cm
Height – 45cm * 20cm

Bags are $45 each plus postage starting at $12.50.

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Pease note this is for the bag only, you will need to purchase the beans separately.

All our bean bags have an extra zipper hidden on the inside which stores the beans. Your baby and child remains safe and cant access the beans.

Bean bags are fully overlocked and double stitched for security and comfort. This gives extra strength and ensures beans cannot escape.

Do not leave your baby to sleep or rest unsupervised on bean bag.
Your baby should be harnessed in and on their back at all times.
Only use bag on the floor.